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CFM has worked with thousands of health clubs around the globe. Over 30 different methods of marketing are deployed during each campaign. 

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Having been in the industry for so long, we know how important it is to build a relationship with a company you can trust. Below we have compiled a list of what some of our clients have to say.

Cottingham Parks & Golf Leisure

Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure

2018 / 254 members / £275,648 membership revenue

" What I love most about CFM is the way they integrate with our own team, they really work seamlessly together which creates a great environment in the club"

Astley Sports Village

Astley Sports Village

2018 / 255 members / £114,922 membership revenue

"I would highly recommend CFM to any fitness facility as not only does the business generate significant return on investment but also creates a very significant business awareness in the local community"

Choices Health Clubs

Choices Health Clubs

2017 / 378 members / £304,430 membership revenue

"Choices health club are happy to have completed our third promotion with CFM and yet again it has been a huge success generating over 360 members and £145,000."

YMCA Newcastle

YMCA North Thameside

2017 / 262 members / £115,065 membership revenue

"CFM gained our respect easily because they were so transparent about what they do, how they do it and what happens if it doesn’t work.   CFMs marketing methods work, its as simple as that."

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Scotch Corner

2017 / 371 members / £256,440 membership revenue

"Before CFM arrived we were really lacking in exposure and needed a substantial marketing campaign to kick start this.  CFM provided this ensuring all surrounding areas were covered and revisited for maximum exposure. This helped to bring in 370 new members generating over £250,000."

Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza Gerrards Cross

2016 / 199 members / £413,303 membership revenue

"The promotion was completed over a 6 week period and CFM produced us 200 new members with over £400,000 in gross revenues and with a great hotel profit split.  I would have no hesitation in recommending CFM due to their professionalism and realistic projections which they achieved, I will certainly use their services again in the future"

Croydon Park Hotel

2018 / 553 members / £260,279 membership revenue

"CFM as a team are very professional and plan everything out whilst working very closely with us.  Over our 9 campaigns we have increased membership by over 3700 new members."


Champneys Health Spa

2015 / 312 members / £360,915 membership revenue

"The organisation and professionalism of the CFM staff are excellent and the support has far exceeded expectations. Time is taken to understand the brand and even provide sales training to help maintain sales after they left. Highly recommended."

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