Q&A with Scott Lamber, Jordan Fitness

26 April 2021

Scott Lamber is the Head of Sales at Jordan Fitness, commercial gym equipment suppliers & industry leaders in functional fitness.

Scott Lamber

Scott, tell us how the past year has been for Jordan Fitness throughout the various lockdowns?

Well it’s been a rollercoaster…and considering all that this year has delivered, it’s thankfully been a positive experience for us at Jordan. It’s been wonderful to have supported the huge surge in demand from our home fitness community (direct and through our partners), and still support Gyms, from PureGym, Anytime Fitness and Energie, through to independents.

Our Gym Support Scheme and Work Out To Help Out initiatives, enabled us to pass down savings to their customers – to help them through lockdown. It’s great to finish this lockdown, which we all hope is the last, with our Lockdown Legends campaign. So far, we’ve had 600 nominations for Gyms and PT’s, who’ve been life savers during the pandemic – it’s great to highlight all the work the fitness industry have done to support the nations physical and mental health...

What has been the most popular equipment for people setting up home gyms over this time?

It’s got to be Dumbbells, Olympic Bars and Discs, Gym Racks and Benches including our Fusion HIIT Bench. They have been, and still are, in huge demand for those setting up Garage Gyms and Gym Pods in their gardens.

For those without the luxury of space, their No 1 choice of kit has been our Ignite body pump sets, along with kettlebells and the good old Reebok aerobic steps, perfect for their ondemand workouts.

How have you had to change (if anything) your business approach/strategy due to Covid?

We haven’t had to change our approach as such, as our product quality and range speaks for itself, but our consumer focus has been amplified. As it happens, we will shortly be announcing our new home focussed brand featuring several new products, made here in the UK. Very few companies support British manufacturing to the extent we do – so we’re excited to launch. Watch this space

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