10 May 2021

Jonathan Monks is the Director of MYZONE EMEA & has been in the role for 7 years after a very successful two years as Business Development Manager. His passions include the fitness industry, sport, family, and technology that either enriches lives or makes life easier!

Jonathan Monks

Jonathan, you have worked for MYZONE now for over 9 years! What do you love most about your job?

I love the purpose of Myzone and the power it has to create shared social fitness experiences; make people feel good about exercise; and ultimately play a role in helping to grow the reach of the fitness industry. To be a part of an innovative business, in a dynamic industry that’s got the potential to transform the health and wellbeing of society, is incredibly exciting.

You have a strong background in business development & sales. Do you have any tips on what health clubs can do to maximise their membership sales in the current climate?

  • Remove administration friction from the joining process, instead focusing on understanding your customer, and being personal.

  • Meet the prospect where they are by finding ways to stay relevant, connected and supportive of their exercise inside and outside of the club.

  • Understand the value you provide, and ensure you deliver on your value proposition with every customer interaction.

  • Embrace technology to optimise, scale, engage, connect but not at the expense of being human.

Who do you look to in the fitness industry as leaders & why?

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best leaders in the industry, none the least CFM’s very own, Dave Wright and Emmett Williams.

Undoubtedly, Dave’s energy, passion, work ethic and unwavering belief in Myzone’s potential, was inspirational in carrying us through the turbulent early days, when we were being punched in the face by the trials of tribulations of taking a product to market in a category that barely existed.

Emmett is an astute business leader and a true example to the team as he never stops learning and searching for a better way to grow and execute. His intellectual curiosity and ability to make sense of the complex, raises the game of all around him, and I continue to learn from him.  

For the last two and half years I’ve also worked alongside David Stalker, who’s reputation as a leading figure in the promotion of the value of our sector to Governments across Europe, is second to none. However, it’s his ability to lead with humour and integrity, whilst listening far more than talking, stands him apart from so many.  

Outside of CFM & Myzone, Sue Anstiss is a fitness industry entrepreneur, who’s a leader in driving positive change for Women’s sport and fitness. This is close to my heart as I raise twin girls, whom I want to see only opportunities where girls growing up before them may have sadly been faced with barriers.

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