Q&A with Jamie Cartwright, Hatton Boxing &  Box12

12 April 2021

Jamie Cartwright is the owner of Hatton Boxing & Co-Founder at Box12. He is an ambitious entrepreneur who enjoys the process of creating opportunity for himself and others.

Jamie Cartwright

Jamie, what was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

In truth I don’t really know however the fact I failed in my attempt to be a professional footballer may have had the something to do with it.  I left school and played football for a living for 5 years but unfortunately when my final contract was terminated, I was on the ‘football scrap heap’ and while standing in the dole queue I knew at that point I needed to do something different than the normal.  At that stage I think it was more about feeling proud again through achieving something out of the ordinary.

Tell us a bit about Box12 & how this business idea came about.

I’d built a successful business back in 2006 and managed to run that for nearly 10 years but unfortunately due to market conditions and some inexperienced mistakes I lost that business.  I learned a lot throughout that process and when considering my next move BOX12 was created.  Using a lot of the successful elements of my previous business but not recreating the mistakes, Jon Eade Managing Director of Hatton Boxing and I combined our experience to build a robust business model and product range that is very much on trend and appropriate for existing fitness operators.  BOX12 is a boxing and functional fitness workout that uses technology to optimise the fitness experience.  

In just 36 minutes the user will target every part of their body using our pre-set functional rounds along with pushing their cardio limits throwing combinations on the aqua bags, all led by our virtual coaching screens. To further optimise the experience we include the Myzone system on the workout floor.

We want the user to feel totally engaged with the workout and always getting the all-important sense of achievement through progression.  The ‘BOX12 in BOX’ product gives existing operators a full turn key solution delivering a technology, boxing and functional fitness experience into their business offering.  

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own business?

Firstly, there’s no rush! Yes you must have determination and a laser focus on what you’re trying to achieve, but take your time.  Have a clear goal in mind and then methodically plot your way there. Be open to reviewing and adapting your goal.

Often what you set out to be, isn’t what you actually become.  Be brutally honest with yourself throughout, if your gut tells you something isn’t right then listen to it, have people outside your business to bounce ideas off and play devil’s advocate to make sure you’re not just believing your own hype.

Finally, make sure you enjoy the process!  It’s very possible for your business to take over everything in your life and the ‘destination’ becoming the sole objective.  Think of ‘success’ as the whole process and make sure you enjoy the journey.

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