19 April 2021

Duncan is the Director of Choices Health Clubs, of which there are 4 sites with fantastic facilities & a great atmosphere (two in Derby, one in Grantham & one in Windermere).

Duncan Foster

Duncan, you achieved some great results in your first year managing Choices Derby, increasing membership numbers by 100% & turning the business from making a heavy loss to a healthy profit. How did you achieve this?

There was no magic formula. Better marketing, watching what gave the best return on investment and a consistent sales approach. Training the team to close sales, chase up leads and deliver better customer service in the club to make people want to join.

We also had a keen eye on cost control and focusing new investment in the right areas, as well as creating strategic partnerships with the right 3rd party companies.

What will you be focussing on in the first couple of months once clubs can re-open on April 12th?

We’ll be focusing on getting our members back to the gym. A lot of work went into making our facilities Covid secure last year and we have a brilliant cleaning and distancing system to ensure people can stay safe whilst exercising for the next few months. We’ve all spent so much time at home in this last year and we can’t wait to see all those friendly faces again that makes Choices what it is.

We’re really looking forward to the second half of 2021 and continuing with our investment plans and club improvements that were originally planned for last year.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the variety. The core elements of fitness remain the same, as does the customer service element, but we are constantly seeing new technology and innovation that makes our industry fast paced and exciting. I love the everyday interaction with staff and members and working hard to make sure everyone has the best experience possible at the clubs.

Dean Godfrey

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